Welcome to the GCDE at UC Santa Cruz

It is the mission of the Graduate Student Committee on Diversity Enhancement (GCDE) at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) to increase the level of diversity in the field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Here we use the term diversity to include racial, sexual, economic and geographic diversity.  We believe that increased diversity fosters innovative intellectual exchange of ideas and promotes a more comprehensive academic environment.  No individual should be discouraged from pursuing a career in ecology and evolutionary biology because they are underrepresented in the field.

Our objectives as a student organization are to -

1.  Sponsor activities encouraging K-12 students from diverse backgrounds to become interested in the biological sciences, and make older students aware of internship and volunteer opportunities, college programs and majors and various career paths in ecology and evolutionary biology.

2.  Improve retention of minority students in college and university in biology majors through mentorship. 

3. Increase recruitment efforts of diverse students to the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate program at UCSC.

4.  Assess and quantify levels of diversity throughout other graduate programs in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and identify areas for improvement and growth at UCSC.

5.  Increase faculty diversity within the department of Ecology and Evolutionary biology at the University of California Santa Cruz.